Bloody shiz! STOP the thumping! she screamed inside her head

It was the afternoon after the bbq, and she’d drunk way too much!

But the house and yard were clean and tidy, all traces of the wild party gone, and she needed sleep.

Oh, how she needed sleep!

He was out, the kids were quiet in their rooms, and there wasn’t a thing that had to be done until dinner.

She trudged to her bedroom, staggered over His piles of clutter, then collapsed onto her side of the mattress.

As her eyelids drooped closed, she thought she heard Him returning with the boat. She rolled over, shifted off the protruding bed spring, knowing he’d be at least half an hour unhitching and cleaning His pride and joy.

Her body sank into the ageing mattress as her mind sank into oblivion.

“What are you doing?”

Her eyelids fought her conditioned response to open. Her eyelids won.

“I said, what are you doing? I could really do with some help.”

Her eyelids stayed closed.

“I know you’re not asleep.”

Her mind was on full alert, but her eyes remained closed.

“I need help.”

Her eyes remained closed, but her mind needed to stop His voice. “And I need sleep. Go away.”

She heard shuffling at the door. Dammit! The kids were being ushered in.

Stress acid-washed her insides.


Without thinking, she sat up and faced them all. “I need sleep. I was the last to bed, the first to get up, the only one who cleaned up the entire house and backyard. You—“ she stabbed her forefinger in His direction—“snored the freakin’ house down, as usual, and. I. Need. Sleep. So, get out. All of you. Get out. Stay out. And do not disturb me until I come out. Are you all clear on this?”

Three identical expressions of shock faced her.

“I need time to myself every day. So get used to it. Now, get out.”

Three bodies turned in sync and left the room. Without a sound.

“And close the door behind you,” she called out.

Mark, as the last one, turned back, closed the door gently, and . . .


Why hadn’t she ever done that before?

She sank back onto the mattress, curled up and closed her eyes.

In the final part of this mini-series, read how story-charging her solution sets Heallen free.

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