Heallen sat at her desk, reading through her day’s mail. Among the parchments was a letter from her older sister that included a fun, basic self-inventory. Glad of a respite from the demands of her day, Heallen scanned the quiz, answering the questions in her mind with ease . . .

Name? Heallen

Age? 27

Birthplace? My village

Daily occupation? Child-carer, household manager

Favourite colour? . . . Expecting the answer to pop into her mind’s eye, Heallen was surprised that no answer came. Her mind remained blank.

WHAT was her favourite colour?

What WAS her favourite colour?

She frowned. Was she tired? Why couldn’t she think of her favourite colour?

For over a minute, she sat in silence, pondering the question with no apparent answer.

One minute ticked to 15. Then 30. Still no colour came to mind.

Instead, another question arose: Why didn’t she know what her favourite colour was? How could she not know?

Those two questions reverberated around in her head for over two weeks, until the answers finally revealed themselves.

I don’t know what my favourite colour is because I don’t know myself anymore. I’ve lost my sense of identity. I no longer know who I am.

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