By now, you probably know about inner stories: What they are. Where they come from. How they affect us.

The inner stories themselves have no form; they exist in an ethereal-type state within us.

. . . Until we need to express them as part of our process of calling them forth to know them, to heal them if desired, and to use them to empower ourselves in specific ways.

I call the expression of these hidden inner stories ‘micro-stories’, because once known, they can be expressed or explained in one sentence.

Examples of these micro-stories could be:

“I’ve stuffed up my entire life, and always will.”

“Nobody could possibly love me.”

“Everything always goes wrong.”

Some of mine were:

“I’m not good enough.”

“I’m a survivor, always and foremost.”

“Money is evil.”


These are all micro-stories I once held deep inside me, in my unconscious and subconscious. In my conscious thought, I told myself very different stories about who I was.

One of the ways I knew something was fundamentally wrong with how I viewed myself was realising that if my conscious stories about who I was were true, my life would be very different.

It was while I was trying to use The Secret to change my external life, and failing, like millions of other people, that I became aware that sooo much more was going on than a mere change of conscious thought could affect.

That’s when I turned to stories. I didn’t know then about the human perceptual lens being narratives. All I knew was that I needed to find answers to my big Whys, so I turned to books, both self-help and fictional, and my inner self.

It took years, but I started noticing the patterns in my life, and the structure of those patterns.

My self-knoweldge began to grow.

By reverse reading (similar to reverse engineering) each aspect and major event, situation and relationship of my life, ie me ‘reading’ each of my external stories backwards, I always reached the chapters that were my inner stories.

That was how I realised that my inner stories *always* compel, influence and affect my external stories.


As I continued reverse reading the inner stories that led to each major external story, I uncovered deeper and deeper layers of my story buried in the dusty library of my unconscious and subconscious.

The more I reverse read, the more I healed.

. . . Until I reached the foundation or core inner story, that I call chapter 1.

And chapter 1 always ended with a summary sentence: What I now call a micro-story.

(It was later that I realised there was a prologue to each inner story, and that prologue started with someone else’s micro-story.)

By using this organic process of reverse reading to reach my core inner story, as expressed as a micro-story in that story’s chapter 1, I could then decide whether I wanted to keep that micro-story as it is, or edit it, or even to completely rewrite it.

This is the stage where we can use our stories to empower ourselves.


I have chosen to rewrite most of my micro-stories, and am currently ‘writing’ a new book for each one.

By changing the micro-story expression of each inner story, the energy of the inner story changes, allowing the micro-story to accurately express the new inner story dwelling within you.

And only at that point is lasting, authentic change possible in our external stories.

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