The nightmare vista her mind’s eye had been imprisoned in the last few months wavered. Her barren, black mindscape softened.

Heallen looked around at her changing reality, her highly-conditioned ‘victim’ perceptual lens fading, as her mindset changed from narc supply to an empowered woman.

She had learned, before this relationship, to be a strong person after a lifetime of narcissistic abuse by her intimate partners, her closest friends and even a close family member. She now whispered thanks for her resolve to educate and heal herself. Without that resolve and knowledge, she would still be languishing in the crazy-making nightmare of being narc bait—again!

This relationship felt like it was a test. No matter how much she loved him, she had finally learned to love herself first, to create and reinforce her personal boundaries, and to make self-care decisions over her deep sense of responsibility to others.

Once she realised the relationship was mired in the abyss of emotional toxicity with no realistic expectation of improvement, she had acted.

Never again would she allow anyone to ever bully or abuse her. Especially not the narcissists that had once dominated her life.

As her perception lost its victim filter, the colours of the world brightened. Hope, fed by relief, flourished inside her, adding radiance to her soul.

She was free, by her own choice.

She smiled.

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