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Writing and editing services

Ideal client

You are my ideal client if you are a solopreneur, digital nomad, you work from home, are a freelance creative, heart-centred, or budget-conscious, and you need quality writing and editing at affordable prices from a passionate English speaker, writer and editor, with an excellent command of language and creative communication.

If you struggle with writing or editing your own work, for whatever reason, I’m here to help you bring your ideas into the world, and polish your words until they shine!


The purpose of my writing and editing services is to provide my clients with effective, efficient, quality writing and editing in a variety of genres tailored to the client’s requirements and standards.


I’m the best writer and editor for you because my strengths lie in combining my passion for the written word and effective communication with my intense curiosity and desire for knowledge and stories, underscored by inner drivers to do my best at all times.

I’m a highly empathic person with deep intuition and this helps me better understand your vision for your work. My goal is to do everything I can, within the limits of scope and budget, to bring your vision or dream or goal to life.

Writing services


If a manuscript requires rewriting but the author is not capable or available to do so, then I can step and do the rewrites. This is a separate fee and work to any editing services, and will require negotiation of the fees and terms, depending on the length and complexity of writing and research involved.

This service is also available if a book outline or synopsis, or other kind of copy needs to be written.

The copyright stays with the client; this is a work-for-hire arrangement.

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Plot crafting

For those who want to write a book, or to have one written for them, but don’t have a plot. I can help with creating a plot outline, character and setting profiles, and mechanics such as viewpoint, voice, style, that fit the sub-genre and market expectations, and any other pertinent details to answer the client’s brief. The client’s brief is to include details such as sub-genre, publication target (Kindle, physical book), approximate word length and other pertinent details (ie author profile).

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Other types of writing

The other types of writing I offer to clients include original and rewritten content in the form of articles, blog posts, social media posts, web content, guides, ebooks, resources, and other creative non-fiction and fiction.

The minimum length is 150 words. The maximum length is 500 A4 pages.

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My curiosity makes me a keen researcher, and my logical brain helps me to keep it collated and organised, according to your needs and brief.

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Editing services

Manuscript assessment

This is the simplest service I offer, where I read and assess a manuscript and write a report on my findings. In this report, I will note points such as marketability, level of depth required in a line edit or structural edit, and the most challenging aspects of the manuscript for the author to address and rewrite. I will also highlight the positive aspects of the work.

I encourage all my clients to take advantage of this service first.

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Line edit

A line edit is a basic yet labour intensive level of editing that looks at the manuscript from a word, line and paragraph level.

This is usually done via Track Changes in a Word document. While this takes longer than editing on a hard copy of a manuscript, it makes the writer’s job easier in accepting or rejecting the changes.

The kinds of details addressed in this level of edit include catching text that:

  • over or under-describes;
  • dumps information;
  • is passive, bland or clichéd;
  • is confusing or unclear;
  • is awkward or unnatural;
  • loses meaning;
  • is redundant;
  • misuses or overuses adjectives and adverbs;
  • slows pacing;
  • describes unnecessary actions;
  • is too long, or too similar in length (sentences); and
  • tags dialogue.

This may include deleting, inserting, rewording, and moving text in your manuscript to improve readability, flow, meaning and consistency.

If words, phrases or sentences do not serve a purpose, ie drive the narrative, develop the characters, add vital information or discuss the themes of the story; then they will be edited.

In the case of chronic issues, I will only show examples of how to correct this in the first one to three chapters to demonstrate to the author how to fix the issue themselves.

I will not interfere with the author’s voice or style.

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Structural edit

A structural edit is a ‘big picture’ level assessment of a manuscript. It generally comes between the author’s first drafts and the last one.

The structural edit addresses issues areas such as:

  • characterisation;
  • dialogue;
  • marketability;
  • mechanics;
  • pacing;
  • plot;
  • setting;
  • storytelling;
  • structure;
  • style;
  • tone;
  • viewpoint/narration; and
  • voice/tense;

These issues will either be referenced in comments on the manuscript or within the editing report.

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This is the last edit of the last draft of the manuscript, and includes a word-by-word edit of:

  • capitalisation;
  • figures of speech’
  • grammar;
  • inconsistences;
  • numerals, symbols and abbreviations;
  • phrasing;
  • punctuation;
  • spelling; and any other
  • typographical issues

No other level of editing happens at this stage.

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Developmental edit

A developmental edit is a collaboration with the author from the beginning of a project, or when substantial revision and restructuring is required, and involves planning the overall structure of a writing project, developing an outline, and even coaching the author in their writing, chapter by chapter.

The author is still in control of their writing and is responsible for creating the content.

This is the most substantial level of editing, and is most effective when the collaboration begins in the planning stages of the project.

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