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Inner story guide

Ideal client

You are my ideal client if you are a fellow survivor of narcissistic or similar types of abuse, and are dedicated to and conscious of your self-recovery and life rebuilding.


The purpose of my inner story service is to guide my clients to an insightful, practical and empowering awareness and recovery of self and a rebuilt life.


My experience as a target of narcissistic abuse for decades, and my years of conscious self-recovery and rebuilding of my life since, makes me a perfect ally and guide for those like me who are determined to stop this pattern of experience.

My deeply empathic and intuitive nature, combined with my determination to assist others in their inner healing, my Diploma in Counselling, my high level of self-responsibility and accountability, and my innate ‘psychological’ approach makes me a conscientious, ethical and supportive inner story guide.

I understand fellow survivors of narcissistic and similar types of abuse in a way many helping professionals simply cannot because it is not their experience.

Inner story guide services

Stories are the neurological lens through which humans perceive the world and their lives. While we’re groomed by our society to seek out and pay attention to the external stories, ie the stories that happen to and around us, the most valuable stories are the stories from inside our mind, known as inner stories.

These stories are comprised of beliefs, delusions, illusions, perception, experience, learnings, truths, false truths, values, and more. They can often be reduced down to and expressed as a single sentence:

  • I’m fat! (When you’re not.)
  • It’s his fault. (This keeps you in victim mode.)
  • I can’t do this! Or, I can do this! (Both are right.)
  • I don’t have any other choice. (We always have a choice.)
  • I have no idea who I am. (Loss of self-identity is a common consequence of narcissistic abuse.)

As a result of my conscious recovery of my self and rebuilding of my life, I discovered the three main principles of self-recovery:

  • Know
  • Heal
  • Empower

These principles form the basis of the inner story guidance I offer you. Everything I do with you, as we collaborate to recover your sense of self and to rebuild your life, is underscored by these principles.

I have also created a tarot spread to give a quick check in on the status of your self-recovery, and upload free weekly and monthly tarot readings for fellow self-recovery thrivers on YouTube.

My inner story guidance is offered for 3, 6 or 12 months programs, and includes weekly contact. I tailor each program to the client’s needs and offer features such as:

  • personalised inner story plan,
  • regular reviews of the inner story plan,
  • weekly 1:1 check ins,
  • monthly 1:1 live calls,
  • quick response to urgent questions or situations,
  • targeted tarot readings,
  • suggested activities and challenges,
  • free resources,
  • active listening so you feel heard,
  • Socratic questioning so you can understand your inner stories better,
  • an empowered and empowering approach, plus
  • whatever else I intuitively feel is right for the client.

Inner story plan

A holistic, comprehensive plan to help you recover your sense of self and to rebuild your life.

3 months of inner story guidance

1 personalised inner story plan

3 monthly 45 minute 1:1 guidance

12 weekly 1:1 check ins via email or message

1 assistance with an urgent situation

1 ‘know heal empower’ tarot reading

free resources as appropriate

6 months of inner story guidance

1 personalised inner story plan

6 monthly 45 minute 1:1 guidance

25 weekly 1:1 check ins via email or message

4 assistance with urgent situations

2 ‘know heal empower’ tarot reading

1 re-vision of inner story plan

free resources as appropriate

12 months of inner story guidance

1 personalised inner story plan

12 monthly 45 minute 1:1 guidance

52 weekly 1:1 check ins via email or message

9 assistance with urgent situations

4 ‘know heal empower’ tarot reading

3 re-visions of inner story plan

1 “know heal empower” books (on release)

1 “know heal empower” storybook (on release)

free resources as appropriate

For full details on and prices for my inner stories guidance packages, click here.
Details of my StoryStarters deck are here.
Information on my “Affirmations for the real world” cards is here.

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