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Tarot decks I prefer

I get asked A LOT about the decks I use in my practice. Whether people already use tarot and oracle decks, or are simply intrigued by them, there’s no doubt there’s a lot of joy to be had in simply looking at pictures on cards, and a lot of meaning to be found in taking note of the symbolism.

Below are  the tarot decks I currently use, or that have been firm favourites with clients. I’ve included a link to Book Depository for many of them if you’re interested in buying your own copy of the deck. Please note: Each link marked with an * is an affiliate link, which means if you use it, I get a tiny percentage of the deck price without any further cost to you.

After Tarot

Pietro Alligo

A fun deck showing the moment after the traditional images on the Rider Waite Smith deck.

* buy here

Ceccoli Tarot (mini)

Nicoletta Ceccoli

This was first Ceccoli deck, and while it took me a long to resonate with it, I now find in invaluable for inner child work.

* buy here

Ceccoli Tarot

Nicoletta Ceccoli

I’m now a dedicated fan of Nicoletta Ceccoli’s sometimes confronting but always charming images. Not for tarot beginners.

* buy here

Deviant Moon Tarot (borderless)

Patrick Valenza

While I’m not a fan of this aesthetic, I LOVE the depth of meanings and guidance I get. This is a no BS deck. Not for beginners.

* buy here

Dreaming Way Tarot

Kwon Shina, Rome Choi

This is a great deck for teenage or ‘light’ inner work. Also great to use as an oracle.

* buy here

Everyday Witch Tarot

Deborah Blake, Elisabeth Alba

I cannot recommend this deck highly enough for easily understandable messages. A definite FAVE!

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Fairy Tarot

Antonio Lupatelli

A really cute deck, gorgeous for more magyckal-oriented people, children and the young-at-heart. A pip deck.

* buy here

Good Tarot

Colette Baron-Reid, Jena DellaGrottaglia

An exquisite aesthetic that’s perfect for intuitive messages and the feminine aspect. A popular deck; not for beginners.

* buy here

Green Witch Tarot

Ann Moura, Kiri Ostergaard Leonard

There’s something about a witchy deck that I can’t resist, and this one mixes both traditional and modern ‘witchy’ life.

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Happy Tarot

Serena Ficca

This is my soul deck. The images are cute yet the messages are profound. Perfect for children and inner child work.

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Legacy of the Divine Tarot

Ciro Marchetti

Ciro Marchetti’s artwork is exquisite, and this deck gets to the heart of the matter in sometimes unexpected ways.

* buy here

Linestrider Tarot

Siolo Thompson

A minimalist aesthetic that can get to the core of a problem. Not for beginners.

* buy here

Manga Tarot

Riccardo Minetti, Anna Lazzarini

This deck mixes up the traditional roles of each tarot card, opening you up to new ways of thinking.

* buy here

Mystical Manga Tarot

Rann, Barbara Moore

I LOVE this deck! The messages are clear, the aesthetic is gorgeous, and the energy is fun.

* buy here

Oracle Tarot

Lucy Cavendish

This was my first tarot deck, and it’s still a fave. Not for beginners, though, as it doesn’t have the court cards. Is great as an oracle deck, too.

* buy here

Paulina Tarot

Paulina Cassidy

Paulina’s artwork is cute and whimsical. Not for beginners.

* buy here

Original Rider-Waite Tarot

A E Waite, Pamela Colman Smith

This is the original deck, and many tarot reference books use this deck, making it perfect for beginners!

* buy here

Romantic Tarot

Emanuela Signorini, Giulia F Massaglia

The artwork is exquisite, and many people love the romantic feel to the deck. Not for beginners.

* buy here

Shadowscapes Tarot

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Barbara Moore

I watched Stephanie release each of these cards many years ago on FB, and fell in love. It’s a watery, feminine deck, perfect for inner work.

* buy here

Delos Tarot


This sweet, independent deck is a firm fave, not only for its uncluttered aesthetic but its accurate, uncanny insights.

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Tarot of Jane Austen

Diane Wilkes, Lola Airaghi

As a #JaneAustenAddict, I simply had to buy this deck! It’s out of print so I had to buy the deck and guidebook separately to make it more viable, and I have some issues with some of the image choices, but I LOVE this deck! For Jane-girls most definitely.

out of print