StoryCraft choice: 12 months’ guidance


StoryCraft choice: 12 months’ guidance is a super-intensive, one-to-one program designed to help you know, heal and empower yourself in deep, holistic ways. This is the ultimate StoryCrafting package!


StoryCraft choice: 12 months’ guidance

ReCraft a major, recurring story

(An unconscious story)


Using a hybrid of coaching and counselling techniques and tools, mixed with my uniquely intuitive, empathic approach to helping and guiding StoryCrafters in their personal narrative journey, the StoryCraft choice: 12 months’ guidance includes:

  • 45 min Skype call every fortnight (27 in total);
  • individualised activities, strategies and approaches;
  • individualised content, handouts, storysheets, etc, as applicable;
  • free access to all of my resources and gifts, existing and as they are created, for the duration of the StoryCraft choice;
  • one-to-one attention (ie lots of focused listening to you);
  • weekly email check-ins;
  • SOS availability via email or Messenger (unlimited);
  • post-guidance support for 6 months after the end of the StoryCraft choice;
  • any other guidance as required and discussed;
  • no pressure to achieve, except what you want to achieve yourself (ie self-paced);
  • (more premium features may be added);
  • limited to only 3 StoryCrafters at a time!



  • A totally reCrafted unconscious story of your own choice;
  • reduced confusion, challenges, and mental and emotional clutter in your life;
  • greater clarity, self-knowledge, profound healing and deep empowerment;
  • invaluable opportunity for conscious, holistic growth.
  • invaluable opportunity to learn how to manage your own story reCrafting process, to go deeper within your unconscious than you ever thought possible.
  • invaluable opportunity to adapt the StoryCrafting skills learned to reCrafting other unconscious stories.