Oracle story – Greatest good

*When choosing the amount to gift me to create your compassionate, accurate Oracle Story, feedback has shown clients feel they receive the same amount of guidance and help as 1-3 counselling or coaching sessions.

The perfect Oracle story for when you feel so overwhelmed, you want to cut through the mental clutter and get to the core message or need.


Oracle story: What do I need to know for my greatest good?

Many of us get so caught up with goals, hopes, dreams, agendas and expectations, that we can get lost in everything we feel we’re ‘supposed to’ do. We feel stretched in multiple directions. If something doesn’t happen soon, we’ll snap! Stepping back to gain some objective clarity can help us to cut through the ‘white noise’ of modern life and focus on what will actually help us to move forward.


Please read the pre-consultation booklet, Oracle story sample, and testimonials, if you haven’t already, before requesting this reading.

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