Inner stories: 6 months’ guidance


Inner stories: 6 months’ guidance is an intensive, one-to-one program designed to help you to correct or improve a behavioural or situational pattern.


Inner stories: 6 months’ guidance

Best for a behavioural or situational pattern

Using hybrid coaching and counselling techniques and tools, mixed with Veronica Rose’s uniquely intuitive, empathic approach to helping and guiding clients in their recovery and life rebuilding, the Inner stories: 6 months’ guidance includes:

  • 1 x personalised inner story plan
  • 6 x monthly 45 minute 1:1 guidance (ie focused listening to you)
  • 25 x weekly 1:1 check ins via email or message
  • 4 x assistance with urgent situations (limit 1/week)
  • 2 x ‘know heal empower’ tarot reading
  • 1 x re-vision of inner story plan
  • free access to most of my resources and gifts, as they are created, for the duration of the program;
  • post-guidance support for 1 month after the end of the program on an as-needed basis;
  • no pressure to achieve, except what you want to achieve for yourself (ie self-paced);
  • limited to only 4 clients at a time!



^Results depend on the energy, time and commitment you make to your recovery and to actioning the techniques and tools suggested for you during the program.
  • reduction or removal of the pattern from your life
  • reduced confusion, challenges, and mental and emotional clutter in your life
  • increased self-knowledge, healing and empowerment
  • invaluable opportunity for conscious, holistic growth
  • invaluable opportunity to adapt the skills learned through the program to other issues arising from traumatic or challenging experiences

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