While my main process for gaining self-knowledge is to reverse read my life, sometimes I need help to get past a particularly stubborn block to further knowledge.

The method of self-knowledge I’m going to explain in this post is not an everyday method for me.

Using my actively-developed intuition for self-knowledge *is* a daily practice, but the dreams part of this process isn’t, simply because I’ve been an insomniac for 30 years + I’m a literal-meaning person (rather than a symbolic-meaning one), so dreams tend to irritate me.

However, under the effect of exhaustion or a sleeping aid, I occasionally dream. And about half my dreams are ones, or versions of ones, I’ve had before.

And most dreams leave me feeling distraught or stressed in their aftermath.

While I’m not into symbolism, I do understand the power of the subsconscious and unconscious, and how many of our inner stories are stored there. Dreams, as we all know, are portals for our subconscious to tell us a story about ourselves or a situation we’re in, often as symbolism masking a warning.

So I pay attention to my dreams.

But how to interpret them when I suck at interpreting symbolism?

For me, that’s easy: Use my intuition.

Basically,this is my dream-interpretation-for-self-knowledge process:

1.       Stop thinking, or at least quieten my thoughts.

2.       Focus on my breathing until I am calm.

3.       Connect with my inner or higher self (bypassing my egoic thoughts).

4.       Ask my higher self for the underlying meaning of the dream.

5.       Sink my awareness into my body, particularly the areas holding the emotions from the dream.

6.       Wait for the answer. Keep waiting for the full answer; you’ll know when you’ve received it all.

7.       Accept the answer that comes. Do not judge or question it. Simply add the answer to your store of self-knowledge.

8.       Use the answer to help with your healing, if applicable.

I made a 10-minute video about this process immediately after I’d used it recently. You can find that video here.

There is a follow-on post about the painful effect of this instance of using this process for self-knowledge. I recommend reading it next.

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