I have lived a lifetime of being narcissistic supply for others; it is the main reason I am recovering from CPTSD, anxiety and depression. Also like Heallen, I have learned much about narcissism and narcissistic abuse, and it has made me stronger, a fighter, a champion for myself and others.

As always, I want to know what my inner stories are that lead me to these specific experiences and situations. As I have been narc bait since I was a baby, I’ve had to travel back through the history of my stories all the way to my birth.

I’ll go more into what and how I found the relevant inner stories in future emails, and what I did with them, but, for this issue, I wanted to focus on an aspect of abuse that is rarely talked about.

At the risk of seeming disrespectful to anyone else’s experiences of abuse, I have discovered there is a hidden gift from abuse.

The hidden gift is: opportunity.

  • The opportunity to wake up to your true self.
  • The opportunity to understand your inner stories better.
  • The opportunity to change your inner stories.
  • The opportunity to create new inner stories.
  • The opportunity to educate yourself about the nature of abuse.
  • The opportunity to finally understand why being abused is NOT your fault.
  • The opportunity to heal.
  • The opportunity to grow.
  • The opportunity to set clearer, stronger personal boundaries.
  • The opportunity to thrive.
  • The opportunity to forgive yourself.
  • The opportunity to forgive them.
  • The opportunity to feel compassion.
  • The opportunity to learn extreme self-care.
  • The opportunity to increase self-knowledge.
  • The opportunity to raise self-awareness.
  • The opportunity for self-actualisation.
  • The opportunity to step closer to transcendence.

The best moments to seize opportunity include that moment of relief, when the decision has been made to walk away and go no contact, when freedom from crazy-making, psychological torture beckons, when you can look around you and see more than the narc, when you can finally start to feel yourself.

Please note: If you are currently in any danger or in an abusive relationship, no matter what kind, please seek help immediately!

I recorded a video on this topic. You can watch it here.

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