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Code of ethics


The purpose of this code of ethics is to establish and maintain standards for Veronica Rose, and to inform and protect members of the public seeking and using her services.


This Code of ethics covers all of the services offered by Veronica Rose.

Professional behaviour

Veronica Rose undertakes the following:

  • To uphold the integrity of the tarot and other divination systems as an enduring source of wise counsel, spiritual guidance and as a pathway to self-knowledge.
  • To remain open to the acquisition of new skill.
  • To take all reasonable steps to monitor and develop her own competence and to work within the limits of that competence. This includes having appropriate and ongoing supervision and/or consultative support for her work.
  • To pursue her own professional development.
  • To maintain her own effectiveness, resilience and ability to help clients.
  • To monitor her own personal functioning and to seek help and/or withdraw from the practice of the tarot and oracles, either temporarily or permanently, when her personal resources are sufficiently depleted to require this.


  • To conduct herself in her writing and editing, and tarot-, holistic- and inner stories-related activities in ways that elicit public confidence in her role as a practitioner and in the work of other practitioners. It is not appropriate to undermine the work of others.
  • To discuss problematic situations/clients, should the need arise, with a trusted colleague, adhering to the principle of client confidentiality.

Pre-consultation information

  • To be responsible for communicating accurately the terms on which her services are being offered (eg availability, confidentiality, fees, cancellations, and any other significant matters) before the consultation takes place.
  • To inform the client of the interpretive nature of the tarot and other divination systems, and ensure they understand the power of their own free choice.

Client protection

  • To have as first priority the well-being of the client, to endeavour to enhance the client’s self-understanding, and to inspire hope and courage.
  • To use the tarot and other divination systems for the empowerment of others, ie to work in ways that promote the client’s control over his/her own life, and to respect the client’s ability to make decisions in the light of his/her own beliefs and values.
  • To refrain from imposing personal judgements and prejudices during consultations.
  • No readings will be conducted for a minor unless Veronica Rose can produce a valid Working with Children card.
  • No readings will be conducted for third parties without their knowledge and permission expressed directly to Veronica Rose.
  • No medical or health readings will be given as Veronica Rose is not a medical practitioner.


  • To recognise her inability or unwillingness to work with a client and make appropriate referrals.

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