Date: About 10 years ago

“What the freak?!”

Show compassion to a narcissist?

Yeah. Because showing compassion to the friggin’ bastard for all his shiz over the years made sense.

“Why should I? Why is it always me who has to take the high road? When does he ever show me compassion? Huh? When?” she yelled at the glossy page, picturing the author of the offending article as a faceless, New Age, barefoot hippy without any real experience with trauma.

Heallen tossed the magazine onto the seat beside her.

“I’ll show him compassion for being nasty. IF he ever apologises,” she vowed.

As she stomped around the house, preparing veges for dinner, waiting for Katy and Mark to wander in from school, she muttered curses on her horrible husband.

And ruthlessly squashed the tiny voice at the back of her mind begging her to reconsider the idea that compassion was the best way to heal from abuse.

“What a load of New Age crap!”


In the next blog post, Heallen storycharges her attitude about compassion for her abuser.

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