Common narc lies

I've experienced variations to two of the most common lies narcissists tell their supply. With both of these common lies, the variations were from different relationships with narcs. Firstly, the religious one: the first variation was a forceful anti-religion/anti-spiritual stance, designed to invalidate my faith and support system; the second variation was an equally forceful pro-spiritual quest, designed to overpower my trust in my faith and to eradicate my support system; the third variation was a stealth approach to erode my recently restored self-faith and spiritual practices, using grandiose claims of self-healing capacity to denigrate my own self-healing practice. Secondly, the wealth lie: I've had two variations on this from two different narc relationships. The first one was that the narc (my ex-husband) used to be materially comfortable but marriage and kids took all his money, with his public story focused on how he sacrificed himself for us (all the while spending money on expensive cosmetic procedures while I struggled to feed us all). The second variation was from my most recent relationship: his family had money but he chooses [...]

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The one BIG action I take to prevent becoming narcissistic supply

This is HUGE. The most effective action to take to prevent yourself becoming narcissistic supply IS TO SET BOUNDARIES. Now that I know this secret, I set boundaries for everything: what behaviour I will accept; what I will believe; what I stand for; what I will not tolerate or accept, making sure that I don't allow the lines to be blurred; who I am, and who I am not. I recorded a video on this topic. Watch it here.

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The 5 traits that make me perfect narcissistic supply

My five traits are my: highly empathic, heart-centred, trusting & sensitive; a people-pleaser. passionate & enthusiastic about my life service and life in general; my innate vitality. personally accountable/responsible for my own actions, thoughts and behaviour; hard worker; dependable. low self-esteem & self-confidence; keep a low profile. above average intelligence. Note: Since writing this post and recording this video, I've realised the biggest reason narcissists are attracted to me is that I had poor to no boundaries. A video discussing this more is planned.  

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