How can we change our inner stories?

Can we change our inner stories? Yes, we can. Many of our inner stories are harmful, or they at least hinder our happiness. To change our inner stories, we must first identify the micro-story that expresses the inner story. (for more information on what a micro-story is, please read my blog post: What are micro-stories?) Then, we need to identify the form that micro-story takes. Is it a belief? A value? A wounding? An attitude? How does it express itself? As a behaviour? A way to perceive or interpret? An opinion or judgement? A repeating pattern, or an experience? With this basic information, use practices such as journalling, free writing or centring, or intuitive tools such as meditation or tarot, to help drill down into the details of the inner story, maybe even its origins. How does this micro-story make you feel? Truly, fully feel any feelings you have around this story. Feel where in your body that inner story is. Is it a pressure feeling in your chest? Throbbing in your lower back? A hard knot in your neck? [...]

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Can we avoid our inner stories?

Can we ever avoid our inner stories? In a word—No. That’s the simple and short answer. No. There is no way any of us can effectively avoid, ignore, suppress or pretend away our inner stories. Despite what some people may say, we are our stories, and our stories are us. We can’t live or have a human experience without our stories. It’s impossible. It’s not human. Let me put it this way: Who would you be without your external stories: past, present or future? Who would you be without your inner stories? Can you be you if you take away your neurologically-wired method of perception? Can you be you if you take away your beliefs? Or your values? Your judgements, experiences, opinions? Your patterns, behaviours, attitudes and choices? What if you take away your biases, interpretations and perceptions? Without your stories, both inner and external, what is left of you? Think about that one. What is left of you if you banish ALL of your stories from your existence? A shell. The physical shell that is your body is all [...]

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What are micro-stories?

By now, you probably know about inner stories: What they are. Where they come from. How they affect us. The inner stories themselves have no form; they exist in an ethereal-type state within us. . . . Until we need to express them as part of our process of calling them forth to know them, to heal them if desired, and to use them to empower ourselves in specific ways. I call the expression of these hidden inner stories ‘micro-stories’, because once known, they can be expressed or explained in one sentence. Examples of these micro-stories could be: "I’ve stuffed up my entire life, and always will." "Nobody could possibly love me." "Everything always goes wrong." Some of mine were: "I'm not good enough." "I'm a survivor, always and foremost." "Money is evil." Self-knowledge These are all micro-stories I once held deep inside me, in my unconscious and subconscious. In my conscious thought, I told myself very different stories about who I was. One of the ways I knew something was fundamentally wrong with how I viewed myself was realising [...]

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