Can we ever avoid our inner stories?

In a word—No.

That’s the simple and short answer.


There is no way any of us can effectively avoid, ignore, suppress or pretend away our inner stories.

Despite what some people may say, we are our stories, and our stories are us.

We can’t live or have a human experience without our stories.

It’s impossible.

It’s not human.

Let me put it this way:

Who would you be without your external stories: past, present or future?

Who would you be without your inner stories?

Can you be you if you take away your neurologically-wired method of perception?

Can you be you if you take away your beliefs?

Or your values?

Your judgements, experiences, opinions?

Your patterns, behaviours, attitudes and choices?

What if you take away your biases, interpretations and perceptions?

Without your stories, both inner and external, what is left of you?

Think about that one.

What is left of you if you banish ALL of your stories from your existence?

A shell. The physical shell that is your body is all that remains.

Of course, you can decide to *not* experience or describe your life as a story. Easy.

But I’d just like to make three main points about that decision:

1.              Changing the label of something doesn’t change the thing. Your stories are your stories, no matter what you call them.

2.              The decision itself, and everything within you that led you to making the decision to *not* experience or describe your life as a story, *is* a story on its own; and

3.              Everyone else around you is expressing, sharing and acting our their inner and external stories, so you will be constantly caught up in someone else’s stories, no matter how hard you resist the concept. Their stories become yours in some way or other, no matter how hard you resist.

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