Table of Contents

Chapter 1: welcome
Chapter 2: storylog
Chapter 3: inner story guide
Chapter 4: resources
Chapter 5: contact

Hello! I’m Veronica Rose and I’m an πŸ’— inner story guide πŸ’— writer πŸ’— resource creator πŸ’— self-recovery thriver πŸ’—and more πŸ’—.

For all the ways I may be able to help you, please check out my servicesΒ and resources.

You can also browse my blog posts on the storylog page, subscribe to β€˜StoryCircle’, my occasional newsletter, or email me at veronicarose.innerstories@gmail.comΒ with any questions or ideas on how I can better help you.

Blessings, inner story soul. xxx

Welcome . . .

. . . and thank you for being here!

It’s that time of the year again when planning and celebration are at the forefront of my focus. I’ve updated the Kwanzaa tarot journal of spreads, added The Chatelaine Project journal, and my other free resources will be uploaded soon.

Plus, in an exciting development several years in the making, I’ve finally discovered my true path forward, solely as an inner stories practitioner, helping people to know, heal and empower themselves through their (inner) stories. Here is more info if you’d like to engage my services, or check out my Inner Story Guide page for updates.

Please also check out my social media homes, particularly on Instagram and Youtube.